Military Wraps(TM) Unveils New Camouflage Technology PIRATE(TM)

DEFENSE INDUSTRIAL PARK, LUMBERTON, N.C. , June 13 /PRNewswire/ -- Military Wraps(TM), Inc., the camouflage innovator of next-generation concealment, this week will premier the newest advance in immersive, real-world combat training -- the PIRATE(TM).

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PIRATE(TM) -- acronym for Photo-Immersive Realistic Aides for Training Environments -- is poised to deliver an order-of-magnitude advance in military and police mission-specific instructional practice.

PIRATE(TM) accurately recreates situational realism with site-specific, high-megapixel photographic images, computer-edited for proper scale and perspective, and rendered by large-format printing technology onto special vinyls. These vinyls are then applied to interiors or exteriors of training sites, giving a remarkable realism to training exercises across a broad spectrum of potential crisis situations.

"With PIRATE(TM), we can create a room, a building, a street, or a convoy route complete with local graffiti -- the length of whole city blocks," said Trevor J. Kracker , president of Military Wraps(TM). "Gone are the days when our troops or our police have to play make-believe when they train, wandering through glorified shipping containers that look nothing like what they'll see in combat or on the street."

For the first time, PIRATE(TM) will be introduced to the military at large, law enforcement officials, and the media at the Association of the U.S. Army Symposium and Exposition, sponsored by the Fort Bragg ( N.C.) AUSA chapter on June 17 and 18.

At present, Military Operations in Urban Terrain (MOUT) utilizes "Shoot House" buildings -- usually Conex containers -- which have only rudimentary detail and basic physical architecture. Walls are often blank or painted single-tone, with little resemblance to the actual mission site. "They do not prepare the trainee for filtering all the visual details to make sound tactical judgments," Kracker said, "because not enough of the realistic visual details are included. Part of the reason for this is that sites must often be used to train for multiple scenarios, many times by different units with different needs."

Military Wraps(TM), Inc., is installing the first PIRATE(TM) site for Protective Systems(TM), Inc., at their test site near China Lake, Calif. Protective Systems(TM) has developed Counter Improvised Explosive Device technology, using patented Electromagnetic Counter Measures (ECM), and PIRATE(TM) will provide Mission-Specific IED lanes at the proving ground. (Protective Systems(TM) company information: ).

Military Wraps(TM) has set a blistering pace for camouflage innovation, according to Kracker. "Since January 1 of this year, our Research and Development division has averaged a new-patent filing every 42 days," he said.

Twelve days ago, Military Wraps(TM) debuted its Tactical Cover breakthrough -- the Photo Veil(TM).

The patented Photo Veil(TM) combines high-resolution megapixel digital photography, state-of-the-art inking systems, and revolutionary lightweight and waterproof mesh material to duplicate precisely any operational environment: mountain, desert, jungle, forest, and urban. Photo Veil(TM) applications include sniper/spotter concealment, surveillance, counter surveillance, and escape-and-evasion, in addition to force protection.

The Photo Veil(TM) also suppresses thermal and infrared signatures of troops and equipment, and it can be customized for One-Way Visibility; the concealed combatant can actually see through the Photo Veil(TM).

Military Wraps(TM) has entered into teaming agreements with the Nazdar Company and the EG&G Division of URS to deploy the Photo Veil(TM), which was introduced June 3 at both SpecOps West in Tacoma, Wash. , and at Test Week '08 in Huntsville, Ala.

The Nazdar(R) Company, founded in 1922, is North America's largest single-source manufacturer of UV, water-base and solvent-based screen printing inks, flexographic inks, and wide-format digital inks. Nazdar distributes to 43 countries, through more than 70 affiliated companies, and operates a 120,000 square-foot plant in Shawnee, Kan. , as well as facilities in Toronto , Atlanta , and Chicago .

The EG&G Division of URS is a leading provider of management and technical services, whose staff of more than 12,300 employees serves programs of the Departments of Defense, Homeland Security, and other Federal agencies. URS is one of the world's largest, fully integrated engineering, construction, and technical-services firms, with more than 50,000 employees. (NYSE: URS).

Both Nazdar and EG&G are ISO9001:2000 registered companies.

In November, Military Wraps(TM) introduced two new proprietary and patented camouflage technologies -- Photo-Stealth(TM) and Photo-Real(TM) -- vinyl-adhesive processes and photographic digital detailing that can match terrain so vividly that vehicles, weapons, equipment, and engineered structures can seem to disappear into the surrounding battlefield environment, far outstripping the painted-on concealment currently used by the U.S. military.

Military Wraps(TM), Inc., and its Research and Development division, have established relationships with all branches of the U.S. military, select U.S. government agencies, elements of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), defense contractors, and organizations with need of their specialized services and products. The privately held company is based at the Defense Industrial Park (DIP) in Lumberton, N.C. , 28 miles from Fort Bragg .


For additional information, call Military Wraps(TM) corporate offices at: (910)-671-0008.

Reporters and Editors may call Trevor J. Kracker , president of Military Wraps(TM), directly at: (910)-237-7862.

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