Breaking Down Security Silos

The case for physical security information management solutions

Key Attributes of an Effective PSIM Solution
In selecting systems to integrate security data in a PSIM method, we have identified 12 characteristics that are preferred in PSIM solutions. Consider these elements as you define your needs of a converged security solution.
• Normalization of Device Presentation regardless of vendor, protocol or standard
• Normalization of Device Control regardless of vendor, protocol or standard
• Normalization of Routing and Connectivity of all devices and systems regardless of what type of network they reside on including IP, ATM, ISDN, Overlay (fiber, serial, coax, etc.)
• Integration and management of Analog Video without the need to bulk convert to digital.
• Event capture from any devices and systems regardless of network, vendor, communications protocol
• Complex Rules and Correlation Engine that enables policy to be applied to multiple events with the elements of time, location, personnel and "normal" conditions incorporated into the correlation of an event
• Built-in Procedure and Policy Database to enable operators to easily know the standard response to an incident
• Multiple methods of Collaboration to enable operators to share information with others regardless of their method and location including video conferencing, email, Web conferencing, SMS, chat, VoIP and Radio
• Use of GIS systems to present data for personnel, devices, data, events and incidents in an intuitive Map Interface that enables operators to quickly understand the relationship of objects
• Integration with Video Wall that enables customizable display of information for an event
• Integration with Mobile Wireless networks to enable the sharing of information including video with field operations
• Secure Infrastructure that is resistant to attack by hackers and threats

About the author: Tony Lapolito is vice president of marketing for VidSys. He comes to VidSys with over 15 years of experience in the networking and video industries. Lapolito most recently led the marketing team of Cisco Systems' Application and Content Networking division. Previously, he was the director of product management at SightPath (now Cisco), an early pioneer in CDN products. Prior to SightPath, Lapolito held positions in marketing and engineering at leading high technology companies that include Artel Video Systems, 3Com, Chipcom, Leaf Systems and GTE. He holds a BSEE from the University of Massachusetts, Lowell and an MBA from Boston College.