Japanese Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda Delivered Policy Speech to the Diet

TOKYO , Oct. 1 /PRNewswire/ -- Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda delivered a general policy speech in a plenary session of the Diet on October 1, 2007 .

Prime Minister Fukuda stated in his speech, "I am bracing myself up, in keen awareness of the gravity of taking charge of the government, at a time when we face a period of great change. Putting first and foremost Japan's future development and the stability of people's lives, I will do my utmost to discharge my duties under the coalition government of the Liberal Democratic Party and the New Komeito Party."

Prime Minister Fukuda concluded his speech to say, "In continuing to advance reforms, I will implement policies based on the principle of "self- reliance and mutual cooperation." I will conduct politics with warm compassion, based on the concept that it is necessary for the young and elderly people, big companies and small and medium enterprises, and cities and rural areas, to respect each other, and support and help each other, while maintaining the principle of self-help. I am convinced that this will lead us to a country of "hope and reassurance," where the young people have hope for the future and the elderly people have a sense of reassurance. I will give all that I possess and make endeavors, so that we can overcome the fierce currents of the times with the entire nation, and feel for ourselves that we are making steady steps along the path to the future."

(Shifting to Politics that Put Priority on the Safety and Security of the People)

SOURCE Cabinet Secretariat, Government of Japan