IP Case in Point: Dealing with Complex and Large Video Storage Needs

Adding network video surveillance to Kentucky's Department of Juvenile Justice

"The search engine within the solution is state of the art; providing sophisticated user-friendly analytics, and is immediately responsive," said Michael Dossett, deputy commissioner of the DJJ. "After almost two years of analysis, we are confident that our solution remains the best possible one for the unique issues we face in the Kentucky Department of Juvenile Justice."

The DJJ's migration to a network-based security system not only enabled them to increase security and find storage solutions that could scale to size as their operations grow, but it has allowed them to provide a higher level of care to all the youths in the facility and may serve as a model for other juvenile justice systems across the country.

About the author: As the general manager for Axis Communications, Fredrik Nilsson oversees the company's operations in North America. In this role he manages all aspects of the business, including sales, marketing, business expansion and finance. SecurityInfoWatch.com has invited Nilsson to present case studies with SIW readers that characterize some of the design challenges and solutions needed to implement real-world network video surveillance. This series will be continued monthly on SecurityInfoWatch.com and in select editions of Security Technology & Design magazine.