CIS Americas Debuts iVISION Security Camera Series

BOSTON , June 10 /PRNewswire/ -- CIS Americas, Inc., a leading supplier of industrial-grade cameras, has launched the first in its breakthrough iVISION series of security products: the VCC-V90S Smart Security Camera.

The V90S is a commercial grade, network security camera that uses the Texas Instruments DaVinci(TM) Technology platform, with processors that are optimized for digital video system performance.

Featuring a fully-programmable Digital Signal Processor (DSP), the V90S can run multiple simultaneous image processing algorithms at up to SXGA resolution and 30 frames per second.

"From object tracking to facial recognition to optical character recognition, the V90S is capable of doing it all and more via commercially available software or through the robust DaVinci software development kit," says Jeremy Hubbell , general manager of CIS Americas, Inc. "Our new iVISION series of smart cameras will deliver exceptional results for customers, starting with the V90S and continuing with more high-quality systems to soon follow."

In addition to DaVinci Technology benefits, the VCC-V90S features a front-side DSP that delivers real-time wide dynamic range, imaging apical automated gain adjustment, and a full suite of network security camera features including Power over Ethernet support.

The camera is compatible with auto-iris and zoom lenses, as well as electric pan/tilt housings. The mechanical IR cut filter ensures superior image quality in low-light situations over Ethernet or analog interfaces. Integrated audio in/out enables users to not on see and hear but interact with what they're viewing through the camera.

CIS imaging products have earned global acclaim for their high image quality, sensitivity and reliability. Applications include general security, metro surveillance and tunnel surveillance systems. All CIS cameras are developed with an unwavering devotion to quality, and each is tested individually to ensure reliable and accurate performance in demanding environments.

The VCC-V90S Smart Security Camera is immediately available through the CIS Americas distributor network.

About CIS Corp

CIS was founded in 1978 and is based in Tokyo, Japan . CIS has been recognized as a leading manufacturer and a packaging leader in the industrial camera field for nearly 30 years. While historically focused in the Japanese market, CIS has been a key contributor to the manufacture of private-label cameras and technology for many global top-tier camera suppliers. The company is certified for ISO 9001 and 14001 and is authorized as a Sony Corporation "Green Partner." More information can be found at

SOURCE CIS Americas, Inc.