Augusta Systems SensorBridge Powers Network 2.0 for the Enterprise

MORGANTOWN, W.Va., Sept. 25 /PRNewswire/ -- Augusta Systems Inc., provider of intelligent enterprise network technologies, today announced the release of SensorBridge v3.0, an award-winning suite of Microsoft Visual Studio software components for building and managing intelligent networks, systems and applications -- featuring data from edge assets -- within an integrated development environment.

SensorBridge(TM), along with Augusta Systems(R) EdgeFrontier(TM) and SensorPort(TM), are core building-block tools for today's Network 2.0-enabled enterprise. With the rapid growth of sensors, actuators and other devices and systems for security, monitoring, asset tracking, automation and other applications, Network 2.0 approaches and technologies are critical for efficient and effective enterprise networks, with processing capabilities and intelligent functions not limited to centralized network servers and office workstations, but spread across the entire network, from the edge to the core.

Enterprises and systems integrators use SensorBridge to build and manage next-generation intelligent networks for military operations, industrial monitoring, asset tracking, public safety and other applications.

"We wanted to integrate data from different types of sensors and devices into a net-centric systems application. Normally, that takes a lot of time and effort. SensorBridge made the job easy," said David Green , vice president of research and development for Command Information (, the leading provider of IPv6-based, next-generation Internet solutions. "In fact, we built a converged, intelligent IPv6 system featuring sensors and devices from different manufacturers in a few hours with SensorBridge," Green said.

"SensorBridge's greatest technical benefit is its scalability," Green added. "With SensorBridge, we can easily add more sensors and devices from different manufacturers into our network. Because SensorBridge is vendor and protocol agnostic, we can integrate and converge all sorts of data from the edge of the network. We can also easily integrate the applications developed through SensorBridge with our legacy applications. Since we're running on an IP network, this amounts to a global, network-centric environment where all the things -- sensors, devices and more -- are linked with each other and with the network."

Unlike the SDKs and APIs tied to a single type of sensor or proprietary communications protocol, SensorBridge easily incorporates data from different types of sensors, actuators and other edge systems and devices (including wireless sensors networks featuring ZigBee and other protocols, RFID systems, imagery devices and more) and supplies information, through a variety of functions, to network devices supporting a variety of databases and file structures. These components reduce, or in some cases eliminate, the need to write middleware, front-end code and back-end code for sensor and control systems and networks.

"Today's enterprise demands more efficient and effective convergence and integration of data from sensors and other edge assets," said Patrick Esposito , president and chief operating officer of Augusta Systems. "SensorBridge v3.0 bridges the technology and efficiency gap that has existed between edge assets and the core enterprise network. With SensorBridge, enterprise developers and engineers are no longer forced to spend a great deal of time writing code and developing new applications to integrate edge asset data. Enterprises that select SensorBridge have a platform for the integration, processing, correlation and communication of edge asset data throughout the network. It has never been so easy for an enterprise to build and manage intelligent enterprise networks."

About SensorBridge

SensorBridge assists enterprises in building and managing next-generation intelligent networks, enabling streamlined convergence and integration of data from edge assets. SensorBridge received the Best of Sensors Expo 2007 Gold Award, the top honor, in both the data acquisition and the communications and networking categories.

SensorBridge is available through annual developer licenses, device run-time licenses, and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) licenses. Substantial discounts are available for multi-user and OEM licenses. An evaluation version of the software is also available for qualified partners.

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About Augusta Systems

Augusta Systems, Inc. powers intelligent enterprise networks. Augusta Systems products enable collaboration and communication between enterprise networks and edge assets -- sensors, actuators, wireless sensor networks, RFID systems, imagery devices, and other edge-of-network systems and devices -- which have existed beyond the reach of these networks. With platforms for building and managing solutions featuring data from edge assets, Augusta Systems provides simplified data integration, processing, correlation, and communication capabilities for Network 2.0-enabled enterprises.

Augusta Systems technologies and integration services -- including core products SensorBridge, EdgeFrontier, and SensorPort -- support security, monitoring, automation, asset tracking, and other enterprise applications. These technologies reduce the total cost of ownership for intelligent enterprise networks and maximize return on investment for enterprise networks and edge assets.

Through key partnerships, Augusta Systems also offers integrated monitoring and control products, including ThreatViewer(TM), which provides remote monitoring capabilities for industrial, military, and homeland security.

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