The Security Week That Was: A Recap - Sept. 9-15, 2006

SIW Editor Geoff Kohl gives a weekly surveillance of news shaping your profession

7) South American cash-handling crews are a study in efficiency. Relaxing at a café, I was able to watch the methodical processes of two crews from two different companies running their mid-day routes. I found this interesting because had published articles recently of how cash-handling vehicles have been struck around the world. These Peruvian cash-handling guards were faced with unique challenges including 1) high vehicular traffic, 2) a great volume of pedestrian traffic, 3) access only from a car-packed curb, and 4) a random protest/march occurring on the same street. Guns drawn and with a two-person tarry that covered their exposure constantly until they were safely inside the cash vans, these cash-handling details were beautiful to watch, though not nearly as impressive as the Andean Condor.

Catching the Thieves Red-Handed
Home security via the cell phone

Let’s get to the business of security. Residential alarm dealers everywhere are going to love this story. A wealthy business man from Merseyside, England, was traveling in Spain when his cell phone notified him of a break-in at his home, some 1,200 miles away. The gentleman logged onto a computer to pull up a live video feed from surveillance cameras linked to the alarm system within his home and saw thieves moving about the property. He then was able to call police back home, who arrived to arrest the thieves.

That story may come across as a bit of an oddball, but in fact, this is the future of our industry, on both the residential and commercial sides. An April 2006 study by the Pew Internet and American Life Project, the Associated Press and AOL found that some 35 percent of cell phone users are already using text messaging on their phones, and 52 percent of cell phone owners keep their phones turned on at all times. At the same time, we’ve been watching the development of DVRs with integrated cellular phone messaging capabilities, and scores of niche systems that can push video clips to some of today’s more cutting-edge phones. Being that alarm systems are already set up for automated communications, and being that more and more communities in the U.S. are turning policies like enhanced call verification and false alarm reduction ordinances, it’s only a matter of time before many of the systems you install -- whether at the home or at the office – are going to need these mobile-ready and remote-video-ready features.

Security Legislation Update
New rules for air cargo that really don’t change much at all

Washington, D.C. was the big driver for security news this week. Perhaps most significantly, DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff announced yesterday during a press conference that some air cargo will be subject to the same stringent requirements as passengers’ checked baggage. I qualify that statement, of course, by saying that only "some" air cargo will be screened because the new mandate will only apply to that air cargo which is shipped at airline ticket counters. Most cargo shipped aboard commercial passenger jets is routed through freight handlers, which use random screenings, and already most airports have been processing ticket-counter cargo like checked bags. Thus, the announcement was more publicity stunt than a significant milestone in the world of security. Nonetheless, the DHS has recognized that air cargo may still be the weak link in our air security -- and recognition is the first step to the solution.

More news you should know...

The Hilton Hotels chain has reportedly created a disaster plan ready for any manner of hurricane-related emergencies. Score: Hilton = 1; Disasters = 0. ... The risk management department at Baylor University is acting smartly with a fire education program for students. ... Fire/security systems sales staff need to think about facility implications when explaining the installation process. A hospital in the UK is faced with shutting down almost an entire ward as it replaces an outdated fire system. ... Shareholders have approved EMC’s acquisition of RSA Security, making the final process a "done deal", so to speak.