The security week that was: 06/06/08

A weekly surveillance of news shaping your profession

Good news for business owners: Worker productivity is up and wage pressures slowed. Bad news for employees: Unemployment figures are up to 5.5 percent. ... Tyco has acquired Winner Security Systems, which has had a unique 40-year deal with Sensormatic. The purchase unlocks an exclusivity and commissions structure that Winner had on the Sensormatic product line in parts of the Northeast. ... Pinnacle Security out of Orem, Utah, has been acquired by equity/investment firm Golden Gate Capital. ... IPIX owner Ford Oxaal spoke with about the company's re-launch following bankruptcy by the previous owners.

Off the wall news
Toledo, Ohio's odd CCTV ordinance and our "burglar of the week" An ordinance requiring CCTV in convenience stores requires there be a light or some sort of signal indicating when the CCTV system is working. Assuming anyone puts this indicator in public view, this just seems like a bad idea.

Burglar of the week: A thief broke into HomeLogic LLC's offices this week, and the oh-so-smart thief must have not recognized he was in a home security and automation company's office. Needless to say, he was caught on camera. Owners said he stole the one thing in the room he couldn't sell: a security dealer's demo kit for the HomeLogic technology.