Where Access Is Going

Industry experts sound off on IP impact, enterprise systems and the convergence phenomenon.

Peterson: Security convergence is a much overused, and many times misused industry buzzword, much like we have experienced from terms such as “open architecture” and “integrated.” Some mistakenly view this term as meaning that security signals are transported over the network infrastructure. In reality, this trend involves significant changes in how business is conducted and with whom business is conducted. Value propositions, product positioning strategies, and distribution channel models must be analyzed and retooled to remain effective in an IT environment.

Smytka: GE Security sees the movement toward security convergence as a direct approach to reducing an enterprise's risks. (My) previous example of the new hire process flows into the termination process for an employee. To be able to quickly, efficiently, and to a very high confidence level be able to disable a former employee's physical access to buildings and logical access to networks and data can protect an organization. If these processes are not converged, then gaps can occur, and a former employee may be able to continue to access information or physical spaces within the organization.