CoVi Technologies Adds Digital Video Analytics to Analog Video Surveillance Cameras

AUSTIN, Texas, Sept. 24 /PRNewswire/ -- CoVi Technologies, the high-definition video surveillance company, today announced the first Distributed Media Manager (DMM) with an integrated advanced Video Analytics Engine (VAE). The DMM-1500, an intelligent video recorder, stream server and video information manager, empowers any analog video surveillance camera with the video analytic and IP-network based capabilities of CoVi's flagship digital video surveillance systems.

The DMM-1500 enables security and law enforcement professionals to protect and upgrade their investments in legacy CCTV systems by supplying their analog cameras with edge-based video analytics, encoding and recording capabilities. CoVi's video analytics-enabled DMM provides intelligent software technology that improves the accuracy of video analysis and assures the highest possible quality of video, improving video surveillance effectiveness while minimizing personnel requirements and human error.

CoVi Technologies is committed to helping the security industry optimize the video quality and capabilities of the millions of deployed analog cameras in the United States . CoVi's edge-based architecture and the DMM-1500 are key components in making that goal a reality.

"The needs of the current security environment exceed the capabilities of traditional CCTV installations. These systems can require significant monitoring and often only provide marginal value when incidents are caught on camera," said Cliff Cox , director of product management, CoVi Technologies. "The DMM-1500 allows security professionals to significantly upgrade legacy systems by bringing analog surveillance video onto the IP network and by applying video analytics capabilities at the network edge."

By integrating CoVi's dedicated Video Analytics Engine with advanced algorithms from ObjectVideo(TM) and other analytics providers, the DMM-1500 expands the market for CoVi's IP-based Security Camera Area Network (SCAN) to a wide range of commercial, industrial and governmental environments. Up to two analog cameras can be connected to a single DMM-1500, and video, live or recorded, can be streamed to multiple users simultaneously. Each DMM operates at the edge of the network and provides dedicated processing and storage capacity for individual surveillance cameras.

CoVi DMMs are unique in their ability to deliver recorded video as good as live, whereas other solutions downgrade the quality of video to enable transport and storage. For maximum flexibility in physical installation, CoVi provides three different enclosure options for the DMM-1500: a 2U rack-mountable chassis, a lockable wall-mount chassis and a stand-alone enclosure.

The CoVi DMM-1500 will be available in the fourth quarter of 2007.

About CoVi Technologies

CoVi Technologies is focused on building complete video surveillance solutions that transcend the capabilities of today's CCTV products. Through the innovative application of High Definition (HD) video technologies, CoVi provides dramatically improved image quality and operational flexibility that delivers maximum protection of personnel and assets. CoVi is the only US based manufacturer to approach high definition video solutions from a total system perspective, including optics, image processing, IP networking and display technologies. The result: extraordinarily powerful solutions that meet the needs of today's world-wide security community. For more information visit

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