ICx(TM) Unveils the Next Generation of Ruggedized Fixed Thermal Imagers

LAS VEGAS , Sept. 24 /PRNewswire/ -- ICx Technologies, a developer of advanced technology solutions for homeland and military security, unveils the next generation of ruggedized thermal imagers at this week's ASIS International in Las Vegas , NV. With advanced capabilities to protect against water and particulate intrusion, the VisionIR offers a low cost, low power consumption alternative in a fixed thermal unit for the military and commercial security market. The VisionIR is developed and manufactured by ICx Imaging Systems, a business unit of ICx Technologies based in Florida.

Fully customizable and featuring several lens and detector options, the VisionIR offers remote focusing capabilities or can be provided in a focus free alternative. The camera is highly compatible with video analytic applications and provides a new 16mm lens option for an expanded field of view, ideal for surveillance.

"Our next generation VisionIR is specifically designed to protect against seawater, snow, heavy rain and sand intrusion," said Nirav Pandya, General Manager of ICx Imaging Systems. "The on-board Pelco D Protocol, which provides low power consumption as well as easy installation, makes the VisionIR an ideal solution for port, airport, border and commercial surveillance applications."

The VisionIR is environmentally sealed in a nitrogen purged housing which meets NEMA 4X and IP66 specifications. Certified and tested by an independent lab, the VisionIR offers consistent and outstanding performance amid a myriad of adverse weather and daylight conditions.

The next generation VisionIR is being demonstrated September 24-27 in booth 1413 during ASIS International at the Las Vegas Convention Center. All ICx Imaging Systems production facilities are ISO 9001:2000 certified. We firmly support an international set of standards for quality and continuous improvement.

About ICx Imaging Systems

ICx Imaging Systems is a leader in the development, custom design and manufacture of thermal imaging systems. Its highly specialized cameras detect heat and infrared radiation, enabling the user to see in adverse conditions including total darkness, smoke, haze and most types of fog. The cameras also feature pan, tilt, zoom and image overlay technologies, which merge the thermal image with a visible light image to provide enhanced viewing abilities. All cameras are designed for customization, as well as for integration into existing systems. For more information, visit our Web site: imagingsystems.icxt.com.

About ICx Technologies

ICx develops advanced technologies for effective security solutions. ICx sensors detect and identify chemical, biological, radiological and explosive (CBRNE) materials. ICx surveillance products discern people and objects invisible to human senses and conventional cameras. ICx software and systems connect, command and control these security devices, while its intelligence and special-operations experts provide the unique insight that drives the company's innovation. ICx has manufacturing and research facilities in the United States , Canada and Europe .

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