14 Tips for Implementing IP-Based Security Systems

From network access control to fail-over, IP security experts weigh in on trends and tips at distributor's road show

Tip #9: There's a difference between hot swappable and hot spare drives. Hot swappable means that if a drive fails, you can load a new drive without having to shut the machine down. Hot spares, however, swap themselves automatically and start rebuilding the system - something you'd still have to do yourself in a hot swappable design.

Tip #10: Networked access control will change the cost of securing doors. Steve Harrison made this excellent point that the old model of analog access where a secure door would cost roughly $2,500 is changing as analog panels are switched to networked devices.

Tip #11: The business network of tomorrow will require complex specs and design. Rodney Turner of ProCurve noted that good network design isn't just getting devices and PCs to talk together. Today's system designers need to be able to offer design parameters on enforcement of speed policies, quality of service, bandwidth limits, and more.

Tip #12: Don't bother buying switches without PoE. With the number of devices in our industry going to PoE delivery models, you might as well save yourself the power-delivery requirements and put the power over the Ethernet if the device will allow that.

Tip #13: End-users can budget data traffic upgrades with a VoIP phone system. With so many corporate customers upgrading their network backbone to support VoIP, you can piggyback video or access control upgrades on top of that VoIP program to save on installation costs.

Tip #14: Video compression is about to change. It's moved from JPEG to MPEG-4, and now will begin to make its way from MPEG-4 to H.264. However, H.264 will catch on only when the processing power catches up and DSP chip designs allow. However, DVTel's Shahar Zeevi says that moment is a lot closer than you might think.

Sure, there were more than 14 points of discussion during the program, but if you can get a handle on what these 14 mean for your business or your security department, I think you'll be better off than 90 percent of your peers. Good luck staying on top of the trends -- and if you liked this article, you may want to hear our 20 tips on network video from another recent vendor roadshow.

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