The Shift to a Software-Centric Market

The end of the 'box' is on the way as software reshapes electronic protection systems

But even as this software revolution takes hold, the need for hardware still exists. For example, today's virtual matrix switching systems promise to provide enhanced levels of functionality, but they have yet to offer the proven performance and capabilities afforded by today's leading switching systems. How these systems are connected and interfaced with other security systems is another issue, and again, software is at the core of the solution.

The fact is -- the security industry has just started to really concentrate on the implementation and upgrades to the new software-centric, server-based enterprise level system solutions. I'm not saying you should throw away your boxes just yet, but I would get up to speed on new server/software developments if you have not started already.

About the author: Cynthia Freschi is the president of North American Video, one of the premier security systems integrators in the U.S. Prior to starting North American Video, Freschi was a field sales engineer for a recognized security systems integrator located in the northeast. She can be reached via her website at