Press 1 for English, Press 2 for Customers

A lesson in automated phone systems for alarm companies

I urge you to consider the positive aspects of doing away with your automated attendant. If you simply can not, try to consider ways of creating a system that will be less infuriating for your customers. Give them an option to “zero out” and instead of asking them to press 1 for English, offer them the zero to speak with a live operator. Anything we can do to create and nurture a relationship with our good customers will be extremely well received by them and create added value in doing business with any given company. This is especially true when customers call in with complaints, sales requests, or to schedule service. The perception of diligent reliability, respect for their time and for their patronage will provide you with countless rewards. This together with other aspects of the service you provide and how well you communicate with customers will make it extremely difficult for anyone to steal them or to beat you out of a new contract based on price alone.

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