ViaLogy SPM Powers Axia NetMedia Air Quality Monitoring Managed Service Prototype for the Alberta SuperNet

PASADENA, Calif. , May 29 /PRNewswire/ -- ViaLogy LLC (LSE: VIY) announces it has signed a contract to deploy SPM(TM) (Sensor Policy Manager(TM)) as a prototype managed services delivery platform on the Alberta SuperNet with Axia NetMedia...

ViaLogy is a leading innovator of network-centric, real-time signal processing platforms for sensor applications and sensor fusion. ViaLogy is currently deploying and designing computational systems, powered by its patented technologies, for applications in life sciences, public safety and security, surveillance, defense and geoseismology. Vialogy focuses on market driven problems where automation, timeliness, quality and reliability of information processing are essential. ViaLogy's core competency incorporates rapidly and accurately detecting weak signals buried in high noise background and clutter. This technology can be employed to solve problems involving sensor integration and information overload challenges involving video, telephony and control sensors, as well as for enhancement of numerous signal processing applications. For more information, visit our website at .