Remarks by Vice President Cheney at the New York Republican State Committee Dinner

WASHINGTON , May 29 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The following is a transcript of remarks by Vice President Cheney at the New York Republican State Committee Dinner: New York Sheraton Hotel and Towers New York City, New York...

WASHINGTON , May 29 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The following is a transcript of remarks by Vice President Cheney at the New York Republican State Committee Dinner:

THE VICE PRESIDENT: Thank you. A welcome like that is almost enough to make me want to run for office again. (Applause.) No, no, no. I said, almost. (Laughter.) But I -- Joe, I appreciate your kind words, and I'm grateful to all of you for the warm welcome. I notice that Joe did not mention that the junior senator from New York has begun calling me Darth Vader . (Laughter.) I asked my wife recently if it didn't bug her when people called me that. She said, "No, it humanizes you." (Laughter.)

Let me thank all of you for the chance to join you this evening. I also want to acknowledge the party officials and officeholders who are here, including my good friend, Congressman Peter King -- (applause); of course Assembly Leader -- Minority Leader Jim Tedisco -- (applause); and our Majority Leader in the Senate, Joe Bruno -- (applause). It's always a pleasure to see my longtime friend and former colleague from the Ford administration -- a great mayor, one of the great Americans, our friend, Rudy Giuliani . (Applause.)

I'm grateful to everyone who worked so hard to put this event together tonight. And with your support, we'll build a strong foundation for Republican victories come November. (Applause.) And I want to thank all of you for pitching in -- and I bring greetings to one and all from the President of the United States , George W. Bush . (Applause.)

It was right here in Manhattan , of course, that the President and I were nominated for a second term in 2004. And New York certainly knows how to throw a party. We have fond memories of that week -- the great hospitality, the superb convention, and the momentum that brought us to an historic re- election victory.

Now, of course, we've begun to focus on another big election. And if we all put our shoulders to the wheel between now and November, I'm confident we'll see John McCain as the next President of the United States . (Applause.)

President Bush and I look forward to helping our candidates, up and down the ticket, throughout the important election year. And the stakes are very high. Whether the issue is the economy, or energy, or the federal courts, or national security, the right answers for our nation are not coming from Democrats, but from Republicans. (Applause.)

Right now, with the economy going through a rough patch, some in Washington view it as an excuse for expanding the size and scope of the federal government. Republicans believe that when Americans are facing tough times, the first thing we should do is let them keep more of their own money. (Applause.) That's why the President proposed and signed a stimulus package with immediate, direct relief to the American taxpayer.

Both parties came together on the stimulus package. As a result, families are going to find it a little easier to pay their bills. Yet as we look down the road, there's still more work to be done on the subject of taxes. Without action by the Congress, most of the Bush tax relief of the past seven years will be taken away. If that happens, the death tax, which is being phased out now, would suddenly return, at rates that top out at more than 50 percent. Taxes would go up on capital gains and dividends. The tax rate for every single income tax bracket would be increased. For taxpayers in the lowest bracket, the rate would increase by 50 percent. And the child tax credit would drop from $1,000 to $500 per child. The overall effect would be average tax increases of $1,800 a year in the tax bill of some 116 million Americans.

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