Weighing in on School Video Surveillance Policies

A new document from a state school board association sets the parameters, but here's where to improve

Additionally, while the ASBA document seemingly recommends associating incident video with a student's record, Fiel says it needs to stay separate, and should only be attached to an incident report. "There's no reason to attach it to a student file," said Fiel, who notes it's not part of an investigation of a student, but rather an investigation of an incident.

What Fiel likes to see in K-12 video surveillance policies:
-- Signage alerting students/visitors/staff/educators
-- Policies set on who gets to see the video
-- Standardization on how long to save full video, how long to save incident videos
-- Policies considered by administrative and school board staff, not just security or local law enforcement
-- 2 months recording of all video
-- Minimum 1 year for retaining of incident video