Center for Individual Freedom Launches 'America's Tanker' Web site

ALEXANDRIA, Va. , May 27 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The Center for Individual Freedom today launched a new web site, "America's Tanker," ( as part of its ongoing efforts to increase awareness of the issues surrounding the Air Force's decision to outsource a $40 billion military contract to build America's new fleet of aerial refueling tankers.

The web site spotlights CFIF's concerns, which are shared by many, and encourages concerned Americans to take action against the dangerous decision.

The contract to replace America's fleet of aerial refueling tankers was awarded to a consortium led by Europe's EADS and French Airbus rather than the U.S.-based Boeing Company.

Northrop Grumman has served as the public face for the consortium, but its team's entry is a modified version of the French Airbus A330, a commercial airliner assembled in Europe by a subsidiary of EADS.

"By awarding this critical weapons contract to a European-built system from a European corporation, the Air Force has essentially outsourced our national security to a company that is owned in part by governments that have opposed our foreign and military policies and that have ties to some of our nation's adversaries," said Timothy Lee , CFIF's director of Legal and Public Affairs.

"We are certain that the American people will be just as alarmed as we are over this serious threat to our national and economic security - and will want to join us in taking action," Lee continued. "We encourage Americans to contact their representatives in Congress to let them know that you don't want to see America's national security outsourced to foreign governments, many of which oppose our vital interests."

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SOURCE Center for Individual Freedom