Mazu Networks Announces Mazu Profiler Version 8.0

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., Sept. 17 /PRNewswire/ -- Mazu Networks, the leading provider of Network Behavior Analysis (NBA) systems, today announced Mazu Profiler(TM) version 8.0, which provides IT operations and security teams with the visibility they need to understand and manage network activity across their WAN, LAN, desktop and data center. Through Mazu Profiler 8.0, these teams gain real-time and historical visibility from each of these perspectives and an understanding of how they interact to deliver business critical applications.

"Mazu Profiler 8.0 provides our customers with a clear and constant picture of network activity and deep insight into the effect individual behaviors of users, applications, hosts and network interfaces can have on operations and security," said Paul Brady , CEO, Mazu Networks. "This allows our customers to optimize the performance and security of the dynamic and ever-changing environment of today's enterprise network."

Enterprises continue to demand faster and more interconnected networks. The result of that ever-increasing need for speed and complexity falls heavily on the IT operations and security teams who are responsible for ensuring a reliable and secure infrastructure. Mazu Profiler 8.0 enables IT operations and security teams to view network behavior from a variety of perspectives. This allows them to understand the interrelationships between users, hosts, devices and applications and to diagnose, manage and rectify the most challenging of network problems.

"Network behavior analysis vendors have extended the context of their solutions beyond network security to deliver visibility into performance and end user experience," said George Hamilton , director, Yankee Group. "Because user and technology interactions can be so dynamic and unpredictable, management systems must be able to learn and adapt to the constant change. Behavior analysis tools model user interactions and understand the historical and real-time behavior of users, IT assets and applications. As a result, NBA systems allow IT managers to optimize the network and restore predictability to application performance."

Mazu Profiler 8.0 delivers a wide range of new features and capabilities that bring increased and improved visibility to the network operations and security functions. These include:

Pricing and Availability

Mazu Profiler 8.0 is available through Mazu Networks sales channels and network of value-added authorized resellers, distributors and systems integrators. Organizations seeking a reseller or distributor should contact Mazu Networks at: 866-354-MAZU or via email: Mazu solutions start at $35,000 and can scale to meet the needs of any size network.

About Mazu Networks, Inc.

Mazu Networks provides continuous global visibility into how users, applications, hosts and devices are behaving on a network, and detects if there are meaningful changes from their typical behavior that indicate a network performance issue, a security threat, or an application problem. Through Mazu Profiler, enterprises understand usage patterns, consumption rates and dependencies between users, applications and network infrastructure. Only Mazu Profiler offers continuous global visibility; passive, agent-less deployment, automatic and custom behavior analysis; and superior integration with network and security products. Mazu Networks' customers optimize their network infrastructure to support their business, secure their internal networks and maximize application availability. For more information, please visit

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