Inside the Heart of ADT's National Monitoring Center in Aurora, Co.

State-of-the-art technology and highly trained staff are at the core of ADT's managed security and monitoring services

When it comes to high security customers and high risk facilities, ADT brings in Brian Atkins and his “Special Operations” group. This contingent manages critical infrastructure operations, banking and financial concerns, federal and municipal government agencies and high-profile executive clients. All special ops personnel have high security clearance.

This specialized group has unique remote monitoring and security control capabilities that allow for remote access control functionality, remote video surveillance, emergency communication options, alarm video verification and remote video escort service.

“This is almost like the military’s special forces unit,” said Atkins, as he pointed to the staff manning their high-tech stations in a glass enclosed emergency center away from the main monitoring floor. “These people are the best in the industry and can deal with virtually any crisis, at any level.”

The special ops unit is also responsible for ADT’s SelectVision package that handles remote guard monitoring, which, according to Atkins, is evolving into one of the prime service drivers on the commercial and retail side. Basically the customer is able to set the alarm condition parameters and fail criteria for their respective facilities. So any incident from a propped door to a guard out of uniform would trigger a response. The client is also provided a weekly guard audit report to track guard traffic and incident responses.

Stepping into the data center, at the heart of the Aurora facility, stacks and rows of servers, routers and storage units resemble a small city skyline. The network infrastructure accommodates thousands of servers and just as many Cisco routers. Capacity has grown from a projected one million customers at the Aurora center to more than two million in short order. And across the remaining four national centers, ADT handles more than six million customers.

“The goal here is to meet every event scenario possible and respond accordingly,” added Sparkman. “Our technology is only as good as our people and we think we have the best of both worlds.”