Case Study: Shopping Center Security on Segways

IPC International turns to Segways for transportation mode convenient to mall environments

Hirt and IPC’s Training and Professional Development Team, spent many hours riding the units so they would know first-hand what problems and environments their security personnel might encounter. To drill home the Segway PT Security Training program, IPC produced a 24-minute video and a 40-page companion manual. The completed program was used to train the first group of initial instructors in 2004 so that they could in turn go on to certify new officers on units at their individual centers.

“One of the first things that our officers had to realize was that the Segway PT was going to get them noticed,” says Hirt. “We teach new program instructors that their patrol officers will be approached and asked about the Segway PTs. They can expect to attract a crowd of people whenever they stop. Once the initial ‘what is it’ and ‘wow’ factors diminish, the pace of security patrol at the property will return to normal. Clients are pleased with the attention our officers receive while on patrol. It’s a great ice breaker that promotes positive interaction with customers.”

In further discussions with clients and center guests, it was discovered that Segway PTs provide the visual effect of turning one officer into two. This perception is a big selling point when IPC discusses the benefits of a having a Segway PT patrol unit at a center. Segway PT patrol units are not designed to replace officers. What they are is an important tool that helps upgrade the visibility of IPC officers, aiding patrol techniques and mobility while providing additional customer relations and service benefits.

According to Jeff Taylor, IPC’s Manager of Marketing and Corporate Communications, “the program will continue to grow and expand to more centers as development and management companies begin to utilize this new technology. We pride ourselves on delivering innovative security solutions for shopping centers. Our Segway PT Security Training program is one very visible part of our overall capabilities, and we’re seeing more demand for it,” says Taylor.

Echoing that statement, Hirt indicated that soon IPC will have six national Segway PT instructor trainers and 50 static property trainers operating 75 client-owned Segway PTs at more than 40 properties in the U.S.

Prominent property and management companies, including Bayer Properties, Taubman Company LLC and Vestar Property Management, all utilize IPC’s Segway PT Security program.

Hirt concludes, “In our specialized industry you have to be constantly looking forward for ways to work smarter and faster. Our program is just one example of this smarter, faster approach and demonstrates our leadership in the security industry.”


Customer IPC International Corporation

Market Sector Shopping Center Security

The Challenge
• Improve patrol officer efficiency in the shopping center environment
• Improve community relations with center tenants and customers
• Ensure the safety of patrol officers and the public

The Solution
• Put patrol officers on board Segway PTs throughout 40+ major shopping center properties in the United States
• Develop and deploy a standardized Segway PT training and operations program to IPC- certified supervisors and patrol officers

Benefits to the Customer

• Patrol officer emergency response times improved
• Awareness of patrol officers’ presence increased among center tenants and shoppers.
• Patrol officers were able to build trust and interaction with tenants and shoppers
• Gave customers the impression that more security was on duty and accessible • Patrol officers gained better sight lines among crowds