The Security Week That Was: A Recap - Feb. 10-16, 2007

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Techies and video integrators will want to read Barry Keepence's write-up on H.264 video compression. Keepence is the CTO for IndigoVision, one of the early adopters of his new compression algorithm. Keepence compares storage rates using H.264, MPEG-4 and MJPEG. While H.264 adoption is still slow (many complain that the compression requires a great deal of processing power, and thus has not been applicable to a number of the processors in use by our industry), Keepence's report seems to indicate that there are significant enough storage savings (even in today's world of cheap storage) to make H.264 a worthy competitor of MPEG-4. As Keepence concluded, "H.264 will not replace MPEG-4 overnight, but sit alongside it providing a wider choice of solutions to the end user." To submit your own tech report for publication, email me with your concept for a technical resource column.