Wirelessly Integrating Cameras and Doors at the Hotel Northampton

Integrator Viocen delivers a wirelessly networked IP video and door sensor system to an historic property

Selling to Hotels – 5 Tips:
  1. Hotels often use video not simply for asset protection, but also for liability issues and accidents. They’re often more likely to buy based on issues of slips-and-falls than actual criminal threats.
  2. Don’t forget the parking lots; these are often one of a general manager’s top safety concerns, and this is where the feeling of security often starts for a guest.
  3. Link door positions with video. Movement inside the hotel is common as people go from workout room to their rooms, to the ice machine, to the continental breakfast … but it’s who is coming in and out of the property that is a top concern.
  4. Be low-key. Your client’s hotel is supposed to feel like home to their travel-weary guests. Keep surveillance low-profile except for high-risk areas like front desks that can be targeted in robberies.
  5. Expect to be a networking partner for the hotel. Most hotels outsource many tasks, and a facility manager or hospital engineer is "often much more familiar with a hammer than a network,” explains Viocen’s Bill Mitchell.

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