Starting From Scratch for Security at North Carolina Ports

Port of Wilmington, N.C., uses video for perimeter security system, pulls together smart card access with biometrics

"I think anytime there's change, you're going to have just a few employees that are a little skeptical. We're all that way-the older we get, the less we want change. But overall they see the true benefit and the positives that come out of this technology and how it will assist them in doing their jobs," he said.

"Doug's done a great job and his team has been great to work with," added Marlow. "They've just been saturating themselves in this technology and learning it, experimenting with it-and that's what it takes. Doug has already had a couple of opportunities to show his system off. He's at Law Enforcement Day with local law enforcement, chiefs of police and sheriffs. And when you walk into a surveillance room and you see a big 50-inch plasma monitor with your whole perimeter on there, and you've got six other monitors around you and racks of equipment humming, and then you pull up the trailer outside and you've got all this technology in the trailer, it's really impressive. It really is."

System Components
Virtual perimeter and intelligent video: Guardian Solutions
Cameras and DVRs: Pelco
Access control software: Johnson Controls
Gate operators: Hy-Security
Thermal imaging: Digital Infrared Imaging
Fiber Optics: AFI
Wireless: Smart Site
Optical turnstiles: Gunnebo Omega

About the author: Marleah Blades is managing editor of Security Technology & Design magazine.