At the Frontline with Honeybaked Ham’s IT Systems/Security Manager Erik Goldoff

Goldoff discusses what keeps him up at night, plus working through convergence issues

That project started over three years ago.

ST&D: Were you concerned about network video initially as far as bandwidth?

The reality is [that] it's not streaming video. We have digital video cameras with direct cable feed to the video server, and the server has digital storage on it. So we're not streaming it all the time to corporate, but we can spot-connect to any camera at any time to view the status, or we can map to the storage drive and pull down chunks of video from any camera at any time-for loss prevention or maybe a police report.

ST&D: Do you work with physical security in other areas, such as asset tracking?

Because (the food products) are barcoded, they actually go through the POS. As hams are produced in the back, they are weighed and barcoded and everything is accounted for. So the POS system is more than a POS, it's a supply chain and a replenishment system. It's actually quite a powerful system, which is why franchisees are starting to want to share in it as well.