20 Things You Should Know About Networked Video

Live from the VSI Summit, Atlanta: A collection of top talking points about network video and integrated security

10. IP systems may still create small issues with latency. Depending on your network design (especially if the system is being controlled by someone not on the LAN), the latency may cause problems with PTZ cameras.

11. More network hops equals more latency.

12. Now that we have flexibility of design, we have to use that flexibility. Make sure to design systems so that they take into account all your different types and levels of users. At a retail store, the security and safety department may need the video of parking lots and loading docks, but the LP director is the only one who gets access to register cameras and POS data. The store shift managers may only have access to limited video feeds.

13. Think about your video storage and the video's importance. Ask yourself, says IBM's Sam Docknevich, "How long do you keep video on fast access disks before you move that data to cheaper storage such as optical solutions, and how long is it before that data goes to an IronMountain type of facility?

14. Surveillance video has to be approached on the network in the same way that your IT staff would treat any other data/information product.

15. Video analytics isn't our industry's panacea. It isn't self-learning and it won't make decisions unless you've already told it exactly how to make those decisions. It also isn't quite mature yet.

16. Analytics needs to be able to do post-event analysis, such that video not coming from an analytics-ready camera unit can be processed for searches.

17. Most companies are not deploying secondary networks for video surveillance, but they are now building enough bandwidth into the business network to accommodate video surveillance.

18. Systems are now using HTTP protocol to talk to each other.

19. Video data needs to have metadata associated with it to enable search and management functionality.

20. Return on investment for integrated security systems cannot be determined fully until you know the costs of not doing it.

That's all I've got for you from the VSI Summit for now. A big thanks to our host for picking my name out of the hat for the free Axis camera, and I do hope the integrator who won the camera after I declined it puts it to better use than I could have. See you next time and down the road.