The Security Week That Was: A Recap - July 8-14, 2006

SIW Editor Geoff Kohl gives a weekly surveillance of news shaping your profession

As much as we all complain about airports’ baggage handling, be glad you don’t regularly fly to third world countries where lackadaisical security sometimes means that baggage is outright stolen. To combat this problem, some airports are turning to RFID tags to allow for baggage asset tracking. Not only can the systems help prevent theft, but the systems also offer natural operational insights. And while many integrators and end-users agree that the technology is still too expensive to use for most applications, in airports where baggage theft is prevalent, the systems can quickly pay for themselves.

"That's where the money is"
As ATM thefts become more common, investigators break a robbery ring

The famous quip “that bank robbers steal from banks because that’s where the money is” may need to be updated for 2006. With a high success rate for apprehending suspects for in-branch robberies, the thieves have repeatedly turned toward the outside of the banks. ATMs are the new target, and brazen thefts that sometimes involve forklifts and fire department quality metal cutting instruments are appearing on the scene. In Maryland, prosecutors now have suspects for a string of ATM robberies, and the story of this theft ring is sure to be of note for any of you with ATMs and banks to protect.

Acquisition News

On the vendor side of the news, the top story this week was that RAE Systems, which has a number of chemical and radiological threat sensors, has acquired video surveillance firm Aegison Corporation for $2 million. The systems have been integrated for homeland security-type threats; RAE Systems’ COO Rudy Mui says it was only natural to link video with threat detectors.

For more acquisitions, we turn to the news that Diebold Security acquired Actcom. Actcom, an integration firm based primarily on the East Coast, brings a stable of expertise on HSPD-12/FIPS 201 implementation to Diebold.

Be Smart, Be Trained

The NBFAA, ADI and Slayton Solutions are teaming up to offer the networking training that many security dealing companies so desperately need. Get the whole story here.