Exclusive Q&A: Robert LaPenta on Merging Viisage-Identix, Where Biometrics Is Headed

Former L-3 cofounder on de-fragmenting the industry, why fingerprints are better than facial

Viisage is spending money in developing its facial algorithms. We're focusing on increasing the ability with skin textures and processing speeds. Identix has been heavily involved in AFIS and IBIS (a mobile technology for fingerprint and facial recognition that's been well-adopted in the law enforcement marketplace). There are major development prospects for both companies. Identix brings five million lines of software to the table.

What does the merger of Identix and Viisage mean in terms of the government biometrics projects?

Both companies are already in the DoD's Common Access Card program, and we think we're both well-placed for the TWIC (Transportation Worker Identification Credential) program, as well as the HazMat screening.