Ten Steps to a Successful IP Surveillance Installation: An Introduction

Steer clear of the pitfalls and find the smooth route through your IP video project

Step 8: Security
Securing video is one of the most important steps in creating a successful IP surveillance installation. Nearly all security and surveillance applications contain sensitive information that should not be available to anyone with an Internet connection. Understanding and choosing the right security options - such as firewalls, virtual private networks (VPNs) and password protection - will eliminate concerns that an IP surveillance system is open to the public.

Step 9: Hot Technologies
Today far more video is being recorded than anyone could ever monitor or search. Therefore, the next big trend in IP surveillance is intelligent video. Advanced network cameras can have built-in motion detection and event handling. In addition, more intelligent algorithms - such as number (license) plate recognition, people counting -- are being integrated into security and surveillance systems. Network cameras and intelligent video have important synergies that make the systems more reliable and effective than those with a digital video recorder or other centralized system.

Step 10: Best Practices
Over the last few years, thousands of IP surveillance systems have been installed, and many lessons have been learned. These range from simple tips about camera placement and lighting conditions to working with IT departments and technicians to determine issues such as the peak times for network usage. As we close the series, we'll touch on these concerns.

By the end of this article series, these 10 steps will enable any security professional to avoid pitfalls and implement best practices, making IP srveillance installations easier to install and manage.

About the author: As the general manager for Axis Communications, Fredrik Nilsson oversees the company's operations in North America. In this role, he manages all aspects of the business, including sales, marketing, business expansion and finance. He can be reached via email at fredrik.nilsson@axis.com.