DC Airports' Clear(R) Lanes Launch Today

WASHINGTON, March 19 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Clear(R), the fast pass for airport security, officially opened lanes today at Reagan National and Dulles International airports, amidst record breaking traffic in a pre-launch test period. Clear...

WASHINGTON, March 19 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Clear(R), the fast pass for airport security, officially opened lanes today at Reagan National and Dulles International airports, amidst record breaking traffic in a pre-launch test period. Clear provides its members with an unprecedented and inspired solution to the security bottlenecks that have become a routine aspect of flying. DC-area fliers can now have faster passage through airport security at both airports no matter where or which airline they fly.

Over 300 Clear members used the lanes in the first day of unannounced testing last Friday. "It was like serving food at a new restaurant before its lights were even on or its opening was even announced," said Clear CEO Steven Brill . "All of these people just showed up, some from DC, where we've already signed up about 3,500 people and others from among the more than 118,000 people who have signed up across the country and who've been waiting for Reagan and Dulles to get Clear. We were stunned by the demand but grateful that we were able to speed them through without a hitch. This is a great sign that the program is going to be an unprecedented success in the nation's Capital."

Clear members are pre-screened by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and, after application approval, are provided with a card that allows exclusive access to Clear's security lanes nationwide. The innovative, high-tech Clear card verifies a fingerprint or iris image selected by members during enrollment.

"Finally, we have a chance to see the registered traveler program in action," said Representative Dan Lungren , Ranking Member, Transportation Security Subcomittee of the House Homeland Security Committee. "I have always believed we could combine customer friendly innovation with a continued commitment to aviation security. This is one more step in that direction."

"I'm a member of Clear's Registered Traveler Program and appreciate the improvement it has on air travel," noted Representative Zoe Lofgren , member of the House Homeland Security Committee. "It helps free up my calendar by reducing the time I spend waiting in airport lines."

Said HR Crawford, Chair of the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority Board of Directors, "We support programs such as Clear and new technologies in the security screening field that can benefit the traveling public, and we're pleased to see the successful launch of the registered traveler program today at our Washington airports."

"Clear provides a fast and hassle-free experience to travelers -- both business and leisure -- in our nation's Capital," added Brill. "Our members report that having a Clear card means that they have breakfast with their kids, they fly again for short-haul flights, and they are less stressed when they travel for business. By launching this program, the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority has found a common sense solution to shorten the wait times for all travelers."

"New Registered Traveler lanes at Washington Reagan National Airport and Washington Dulles International Airport bring the number of U.S. airports with Registered Traveler to 16," said Bill Connors , Executive Director and COO, National Business Traveler Association. "As the program continues to expand, the country will see increased benefits: business travelers participating in the program will save time and increase productivity; all security lines at participating airports and terminals will be shorter; and -- because registered travelers have already been pre-screened -- precious airport security resources can be used more effectively."

Clear enrollment stations are already operating at the American Express Travel Office at 15th and K Streets and in the Congressional Federal Credit Union in the Longworth House Office Building. And, next week, Clear will open an enrollment station in the Pentagon Federal Credit Union lobby for the convenience of Credit Union members there. Clear has also brought its enrollment kiosks onsite to area businesses and is scheduling new appointments to come onsite for area law firms, corporations, government offices and other businesses.

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