Salvador Imaging Showcases a Range of Innovative Camera Solutions and Unique 1280 x 960 Pixel EMCCD Product Technology at 2008 S

SAN JOSE , Calif., March 13 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Photon Dynamics, Inc. (Nasdaq: PHTN) announced today that Salvador Imaging, its wholly owned subsidiary, will promote the unprecedented performance of its latest ultra-low light electron multiplying CCD (EMCCD) camera technology and will showcase a range of high performance digital cameras in Booth #321 at the 2008 SPIE Defense + Security Symposium. The exhibition will be held at the Orlando World Center Marriott Resort and Convention Center in Orlando , Florida, March 18-20, 2008.

Salvador Imaging will be previewing the SI-1.3M50-EM's unique 1280 x 960 pixel electron multiplying CCD (EMCCD) product technology, the latest in digital imaging systems for ultra-low light usage. Supporting progressive-scan video at up to 50 frames/second and true 12-bit digitalization, both color and monochrome versions of the SI-1.3M50-EM provide high-performance imaging solutions for day/night surveillance, homeland and border security, biochip readers, video microscopy, airborne imaging and other demanding, light-starved imaging applications.

Also showcased at SPIE Defense + Security will be camera solutions that demonstrate a variety of high-performance imaging applications:


658 x 496 Pixel EMCCD Camera -- Ultra-Low Light Video Capture 60 Frames/Second -- Color and Monochrome Versions

Salvador Imaging's SI-VGA60-EM provides outstanding performance in light-starved applications including day/night surveillance, homeland & border security, biochip readers, video microscopy and more. The camera provides 658 x 496 pixel, progressive-scan video at up to 60 frames/second. Both color and monochrome versions are available. The EMCCD sensor used in this camera provides programmable, solid-state gain which amplifies the photon generated charge before it reaches the readout amplifier, thus boosting the signal above the amplifier noise. The use of closed loop thermo-electric coolers significantly reduces dark current and dark current noise, enhancing the camera's ability to see in the dark.


1 K x 1 K Pixel EMCCD Camera -- Ultra-Low Light Video Capture 30 Frames/Second -- 12 Bit Digital Camera

Our SI-1M30-EM is a video rate high resolution monochrome camera that performs under a very wide range of lighting conditions from extremely low light levels such as overcast starlight to full sunlight.


4872 x 3248 Pixel CCD Camera Color and Monochrome Versions 3.5 Frames/Second -- 12 Bit Digital Camera

Our SI-16M4-IT is a high resolution, 16-Megapixel camera with on-chip electronic shuttering. This cost-effective camera comes in monochrome or RGB color versions, and provides 12-bit digital data over a standard Camera Link interface. The SI-16M4-IT provides image data at up to 3.5 frames per second.

About Salvador Imaging

Salvador Imaging, headquartered in Colorado Springs , CO, designs and manufactures high-performance digital imaging products for medical, industrial and military applications. Products and services include a line of standard products as well as custom digital camera design and standard digital cameras. For more information about Salvador Imaging, visit its website at Salvador Imaging is a wholly owned subsidiary of Photon Dynamics, Inc.

About Photon Dynamics, Inc.

Photon Dynamics, Inc. (Nasdaq: PHTN) is a global supplier utilizing advanced digital imaging technology for market leading Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) flat panel display test and repair systems and for high performance digital imaging systems for defense, surveillance, industrial inspection and medical imaging applications. For more information about Photon Dynamics, visit its website at

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