VeriTainer Receives Critical Patent Awards in Asia and New Zealand

SAN FRANCISCO , March 13 /PRNewswire/ -- VeriTainer Corporation, the world leader in crane mounted nuclear and radiological maritime security solutions, announced today that it has been awarded international patent protections in Singapore , Taiwan and New Zealand . Singapore is the largest container port in the world, Taiwan is a very large trading partner with the United States , and New Zealand is an active trading nation on the Pacific Rim.

"We are very proud that Singapore , Taiwan and New Zealand have recognized our intellectual property," said VeriTainer Chairman and CEO John I. Alioto. "This is a validation from three of the world's most recognizable and powerful trading partners. Our market-ready prototype VeriSpreader(TM) has successfully carried out well over 35,000 lifts without failure at the Port of Oakland , California. We have filed similar applications in virtually every cooperative jurisdiction around the world, and we are very pleased to receive these first three awards."

A VeriSpreader(TM) is a crane mounted passive radiation detection solution (sometimes known as "CMS"), which is seamlessly integrated into the hoist attachment of the crane. Portside cranes are a natural operational portal through which all incoming and outgoing containers must pass. The VeriSpreader(TM) is perfectly situated for high volume, zero impact, primary scans of the nuclear qualities of each container because it is the only solution in the market that does not slow the swift movement of freight. Today's awards are based on VeriTainer's two fundamental U.S. patents in crane-mounted radiation scanning, which are: U.S. patent No. 6,768,421 Container Crane Radiation Detection Systems and Methods and U.S. patent No. 7,026,944 Apparatus and Method for Detecting Radiation or Radiation Shielding in Containers. The company has another patent issued and several others pending.

Annie Chew , former CIO of Singapore-based Neptune Orient Lines, has been the VP of Asian Markets for VeriTainer since early 2007. Speaking about the VeriTainer solution she stated, "The VeriSpreader(TM) is the only solution that bridges the gap between the realities of the industry and the realty of the threat. These new patents allow us to follow through on licensing arrangements in these jurisdictions." She goes on to say, "Any container screening that adds a delay in the movement of containers creates tremendous productivity impacts and costs for very high volume ports like Singapore and Kaoshiung. Port communities, including local Customs authorities, take very seriously the threat of a nuclear device delivered in a container."

About VeriTainer

VeriTainer Corporation is a venture-backed leader in crane-based radiation detection technology for scanning of shipping containers to ensure that the world's ports are free from nuclear terrorism. VeriTainer's patented technology enables scanning of 100 percent of shipping containers, addressing a principal vulnerability of the world's population centers and allowing for rapid scanning of containers entering and exiting ports without disrupting the flow of commerce.

SOURCE VeriTainer Corporation