Panda Security and Telefonica Provide Bankinter With Solution to Safeguard Online Banking Transactions

GLENDALE, Calif., March 5 /PRNewswire/ -- Panda Security, a leading global provider of IT security solutions, today announced that it is working with Telefonica to provide Bankinter, a leading bank in Spain , a security service for its clients' online transactions. The service will utilize Panda Security for Internet Transactions, a security solution specifically designed to protect financial entities and e-payment platforms against online fraud. This is a joint service that will be offered from Telefonica's security operations center (SOC) and will complement Telefonica's current anti-phishing services, which Bankinter has used for several years.

Bankinter is a leader in the Spanish online banking sector, and according to its own figures, 55.6 percent of the company's transactions are carried out online. Telefonica's and Panda Security's primary goal will be to guarantee the security of all online operations, by ensuring that clients who access Bankinter's e-banking services are free from known malware and, in particular, from targeted banker Trojan attacks. This type of malicious code poses one of the main threats to the security of online transactions.

The solution that Bankinter is using from Telefonica and Panda Security will search for active malware in the memory of users' computers when they are about to access the bank's online services. Specifically, it detects viruses, worms, Trojans, hidden processes and other threats such as dialers, hacking tools, and jokes. This allows the bank to restrict access, in real-time, to certain operations if a user is infected, thereby minimizing the risk.

The solution also includes the Targeted Attacks Alert Service, which enables companies in the financial sector to tackle the problem caused by Trojans designed specifically to target their business. This monitoring and notification service is run by the PandaLabs Antifraud Surveillance Department and set up to warn clients of Trojans that have been designed to target them. It leverages the analysis of information received from millions of installed end-users of Panda Security anti-malware solutions.

"Telefonica is a pioneer in services to combat online fraud, and a market leader with its anti-phishing service," said Juan Manuel Velasco , assistant director of Online Security Services Telefonica Spain Key Accounts. "The anti- spyware service, which includes the Panda Security for Internet Transactions technology, will allow us to reduce the window of opportunity for phishing attacks against our clients, as all information about online threats can be coordinated from our SOC."

"As many people are ill-informed with respect to Internet fraud and theft, there is a general reticence among users to carry out transactions online," said Maria Jose Miranda , country sales director of Panda Security. "Thanks to the initiatives of companies like Bankinter, who have chosen Panda Security solutions to protect their clients, users will now feel safer when using e- banking services. The service contracted by Bankinter offers added value to its clients as it guarantees the security of their online transactions."

With this solution, Bankinter will bolster its security strategy, a key factor in the banking sector, by offering clients added value through a solution that brings together all existing malware programs.

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