Boyle Answers 3 a.m. Phone Call Ad With Plan for Two Nationwide Security Systems

BURLINGTON , Wis., March 5 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Democratic Presidential candidate Thomas Boyle observed, " President Boyle would be well suited to handle an a.m. crisis phone call. I have had practice. It is usually my neighbor calling, 'Come get your dog and bring your scooper with you'. I apologize for my dog's behavior and start whistling 'TIPTOE THROUGH THE TULIPS'. So far, there have been no gun shots fired."

"The recent negative 3 o'clock phone call ad may have worked in this week's voting cycle. But, in the long run, most crises are visible in daytime," Boyle said. "911 happened ten years before it happened ... Again!"

Boyle affirms, "What I learned from 911 is, if something happens once, it can happen again. The probability for The Law of Repetition, is so common-place, we overlook it at our peril. Preparedness demands awareness."

Boyle, posed the question, "How come we have no comprehensive, crisis, communication system in place? Seven years after 911 our disaster response teams still can not talk to each other. President Boyle will repair National Security Communications. Even, if we have to develop two fully functioning systems, one primary and backup, the price is worth it," Boyle declared.

Mr. Boyle wistfully recalled, "When I was younger, I used to dog-sit for the late President Kennedy 's standard, white, poodle, Charlie, while his widow Jacqueline went to her farm in New Jersey."

"I trained Charlie to run on the sidewalk and stop at the corner while I rode my bicycle on the street. Some people claim I had Charlie so well trained, they saw him getting on and off buses by himself, riding around Washington D.C. on his own."

"My canine training skills can only get me so far with a reluctant Congress. If the voters would elect representatives who are willing to work with me, we can solve the communications problem," Boyle stated. He concluded, "My father, Charles Boyle , was a Democratic Congressman, but he voted eighty-five percent Republican. Those were the days when cooperation, concessions and compromises were made by all parties for the country we love, America."

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