Autonomy Enables Improved E-Learning and Education in Sweden

CAMBRIDGE, England and SAN FRANCISCO , California, March 4 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Autonomy Corporation plc ((LSE: AU.) or (LSE: AU.L)), a global leader in infrastructure software for the enterprise, today announced that The Swedish Research...

CAMBRIDGE, England and SAN FRANCISCO , California, March 4 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Autonomy Corporation plc ((LSE: AU.) or (LSE: AU.L)), a global leader in infrastructure software for the enterprise, today announced that The Swedish Research Council, Vetenskapsradet, has selected its Intelligent Data Operating Layer (IDOL) platform as part of The Swedish government's initiative to promote research, e-learning and collaboration within Sweden's education system. Autonomy's Meaning-based Computing technologies will enable the Research Council to consolidate all of the country's academic information into one single web portal,

As one of the co-owners and the host of the editorial offices for, The Swedish Research Council, together with nine other public authorities, wanted to develop a nationwide website to provide a single access point for academia, as well as the general public, to effectively find online research information and learning support from disparate sources. The aim of the portal is to make academic information more accessible by organizing data from different research projects, supplementing texts with comprehensible summaries, and incorporating clear, straight-forward presentations.

The Swedish Research Council selected Autonomy's IDOL for for its ability to conceptually form an understanding of information, regardless of its format, and to automate many time-consuming manual processes. Through the use of Autonomy's automatic categorisation functions,'s small editorial team is able to focus on its main business objective - the creation of new content for the site, rather than spending time managing the portal through manual classification and tagging of all existing and new data. With IDOL, the portal's editorial team and various contributors will be able to quickly and accurately upload all new articles without the need to tag or create taxonomies as the software automatically classifies these documents. Users of will now be able to find information quicker, while delivering better return-on-investment for The Swedish Research Council. contains information in various multimedia formats about everything from climate reports to the latest science progress in specialized medical fields and offers separate entry points for teachers, scientists, high school students and university students. The Autonomy solution will make it easier for these target groups to find relevant information as through Autonomy's Automatic Query Guidance functionality, the users are given suggestions for different filtering options to enable them to quickly locate the data they require.

"We often hear from teachers, students, scientists and researchers that they would like to have a single website where they could find research and academic information easily and effectively. Autonomy will make this a reality and through the technology's automation capabilities, we will be able to make this a viable and manageable project," said Ulf Daneklev,'s editor at The Swedish Research Council.

Through, academic information will not only be more accessible to the public, but collaboration amongst universities, colleges as well as the research industry will be promoted, enabling a better quality of research and education in the country. The Swedish media will also access the site to make use of various articles and interactive presentations and animations to support and explain popular news and feature topics.

"Autonomy takes pride in delivering innovative technologies to academia," commented Mike Lynch , CEO of Autonomy. "We look forward to further supporting The Swedish Research Council as it continues to enhance its web portal with more and more advanced features such as the incorporation of more multi-media content."

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