VideoIQ Introduces the VideoIQ iCVR(TM) - the World's First High-Performance Ultra Wide Dynamic Range Day/Night Network Camera w

BEDFORD, Mass., March 4 /PRNewswire/ -- VideoIQ today introduced the world's first high performance day/night network camera with content aware storage, intelligent networking, analytic detection, and object search built right into the camera. The VideoIQ iCVR (Intelligent surveillance Camera with Video Recording) is the first release in VideoIQ's family of intelligent IP video products to be delivered in 2008. Building advanced video analytics, content aware storage and intelligent networking into high quality security cameras and encoders revolutionizes how IP video surveillance works. VideoIQ has solved the bandwidth and storage challenges of traditional network cameras, while turning video into a powerful security solution for both incident detection and investigation. It sets a new benchmark for scalability, fault tolerance, ease of use and total cost of ownership in network video surveillance.

"Video analytics and IP cameras are experiencing unprecedented growth, yet issues surrounding significant storage and bandwidth requirements stand in the way of these technologies living up to their potential," said Scott Schnell , president and CEO of VideoIQ. "In response, we are delivering complete, intelligent surveillance systems in cameras and encoders - that detect and warn of threats, store video based on what they see, communicate on the network only when needed, and enable content-based video search. What's more, we are doing it a price that's about the same as the ordinary cameras and storage that they are designed to replace. These products represent a value and capability breakthrough in the surveillance industry."

"This is the most significant camera improvement in 25 years," said Alex Kloubek, senior security engineer at Public Service Enterprise Group (PSEG), a Fortune 500 company. "VideoIQ's storage capability, intelligent video analytics, coupled with its built-in flexibilities, makes it ideal for a wide selection of applications in the most challenging environments."

Unlike conventional systems in which analytics are an add-on, VideoIQ's advanced analytics are a part of the core platform. Networking, storage, alarms and search have been designed as a complete system using the over 100 million hours of analytic protection delivered by VideoIQ products to date.

VideoIQ is delivering unprecedented capabilities and benefits to customers, including:

"We have been waiting for analytics to become capable and inexpensive enough so that they can be applied broadly - VideoIQ seems to have figured out how to solve this problem," said Bonnie Michelman , director of police, security and outside services at Massachusetts General Hospital.

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