EODT Wins Recompeted Canine Services Contract In Afghanistan

LENOIR CITY, Tenn., Feb. 29 /PRNewswire/ -- The federal authority which oversees defense and security contracts for Iraq and Afghanistan - the Joint Contracting Command Iraq/Afghanistan (JCC-I/A) - has selected EOD Technology, Inc. (http://www.eodt.com/overview.pdf) for a $6.4M contract to provide explosives- and narcotics-detecting dogs to NATO forces in Southern Afghanistan , it was announced today.

The Joint Contracting Command's award is for six months with two additional option six-month periods, to provide a total of 43 Explosive Detecting Dog (EDD) and Narcotics Detecting Dog (NDD) teams. The teams will support security operations at base entry points, along the Kandahar Airfield's outer perimeter, as well as in support of Provincial Reconstruction Teams in Afghanistan's five southern provinces.

EODT was initially awarded this contract in December 2007 by JCC-I/A. That award was terminated after other potential contractors protested - one citing an incorrect email address for sending proposals. The Department of Defense took the recourse of simply terminating the contract initially awarded to EODT for convenience, and recompeted the contract as corrective action. The subsequent award to EODT was made on the basis of evaluating a second round of proposals.

EODT is one of the largest providers of canine services worldwide, and has executed several canine services contracts in country. The Kandahar Contract is currently the largest canine contract in Afghanistan . EODT's canine program is fully accredited by the UN Mine Action Centre for Afghanistan , generally considered to be among the most difficult accreditations to obtain, and all working dogs in this contract meet Department of Army Certification Authority standards. Andy Potts , EODT's Canine Program Manager, commented "We are very proud to have again been selected for this contract, and we look forward to supporting NATO-ISAF's meeting their objectives in Southern Afghanistan ."

EODT provides canine services at numerous high profile locations in the Middle East and elsewhere, including the Iraqi Parliament buildings in Baghdad , NATO compounds in Iraq , near the Demilitarized Zone in Korea, and in support of presidential candidate debates in the United States .

EODT provides demining, construction, and security services throughout Afghanistan from its operations center in Kabul , and maintains its kennels there.

About EODT

EOD Technology, Inc. is headquartered in Lenoir City, TN, with offices in Huntsville, AL; Baghdad ; Kabul ; Kuwait City ; Washington DC ; and San Jose , Costa Rica . Employing approximately 400 people worldwide with more than $200 million in revenues in 2007, the employee-owned company is an industry leader for integrated Munitions Response, Security, and Critical Mission Support services.

SOURCE EOD Technology, Inc.