Stinger Systems Responds to Purported NIJ Study

TAMPA , Fla., Feb. 21 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Stinger Systems, Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board: STIY), a leader in electro-stun technology announced today that a segments of a National Institute of Justice Electronic Immobilization Device (EID) study released by Taser International (Nasdaq: TASR) is based on a study commissioned by the National Institute of Justice in 2005. At the time of the request for units for the study, the Company was just completing development of its flagship S-200 EID. The version of the S-200 EID that was tested has been discontinued. Documentation from the Company affirming that the S-200 tested is no longer being manufactured had already been sent to the NIJ, but these comments were omitted from the selected information in yesterday's release by Taser International. According to Stinger's Device Master Record of versioning control, the gun tested was based on an earlier release version and Stinger's current model S-200 version is several releases later. The current S-200 has had significant improvements including greater take-down power, new electronics design, and new cartridge and dart configurations.

Earlier comparison studies to discontinued devices are irrelevant, not valid and extremely misleading. The Company believes that recent sales wins including the Washington Department of Corrections and the State of New Mexico General Services contract, along with several new domestic and international sales, validate the superior new S-200 technology over its older version. The Company is confused why this release is relevant news considering the EID tested is not even being sold by Stinger Systems.

A new study led by Wayne McDaniel, Ph.D. of the University of Missouri recently showed that the S-200 technology is much different from the Taser brand products. Their study showed that peak amperage (current) delivered by the Taser M-26 is 7.5 times the peak current delivered by the S-200, while the peak current delivered by the X-26 is 75% higher than the peak current delivered by the S-200. Taser International's sales literature states that it is amperage (current) that matters for electrical safety.

The Company has enhanced many features of the S-200 since its initial introduction. Essentially the only aspect that is similar between the current S-200 and the previous versions is the name. Almost all of the external features of the S-200 such as the basic look of the gun and its great form functions such as a cartridge eject system, recessed cartridge and off the shelf batteries remain. Under the covers, it is a whole new story. Enhancements include new electronics improvements, superior cartridge and dart designs, and new fabrication processes for superior durability.

Some of the great improvements can be seen in an outline at Go to the S-200 products page and click on the "ALWAYS IMPROVING TO CREATE THE BEST EID" link. Further, Stinger Systems recently held a press conference in New York City attended by many police departments as well as press from CNBC, Fox, CBS, and the Associated Press. Several officers along with the Associated Press reporter took direct hits from the S- 200. All individuals taking direct hits confirmed its incapacitation ability. The Associated Press reporter's and some officer hits can be seen at .

Additionally, the Company has engaged HP White Laboratories to perform an accurate and current comparison between the Taser brand EIDs and the Stinger S-200. The Company is very confident that the Stinger S-200 will have features that are superior to its competitor, and that is why this commission was engaged to one of the leading ballistic laboratories in the country.

Stinger Systems, Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board: STIY) a leader in electro-stun technologies announced today that as required pursuant to Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 45(b)(1), Taser International (Nasdaq: TASR) has noticed Stinger Systems, Inc. in Taser International, Inc. v. Stinger Systems, Inc. (Federal Case CV07-0042-PHX-MHM) of Taser's intent to serve a subpoena duce tecum on the National Institutes of Justice for information on its dated tests comparing Taser's model X-26 projectile stun gun to early versions of Stinger's model S-200 projectile stun gun.


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