G4S Implements New Strategy, Forms New Company to Specialize in High Security Facilities

CRAWLEY, England, Feb. 19 /PRNewswire/ -- G4S today announced the formation of a separate, new company called G4S Regulated Security Solutions (RSS) to provide customized security services to the regulated security sector in the U.S. This includes chemical and petroleum facilities, ports, and more particularly, the commercial nuclear power industry. This action follows the recent announcement that Grahame Gibson has assumed responsibility of North American operations for G4S.

"High security facilities like nuclear power and chemical processing plants expect the highest level of protection and safeguards," said Mr. Gibson . "We believe strongly that the strategic direction we are taking through RSS will allow us to meet and exceed that expectation."

Eric Wilson , currently president of Wackenhut's nuclear services division will leave the employment of Wackenhut and become Chief Executive Officer of RSS. Among other responsibilities, Wilson will oversee the transition of existing clients from Wackenhut to RSS and will report directly to Gibson.

As the first company to implement such a model for high security facilities, Wilson noted that RSS has already been retained by South Texas Projects, one of the newest and largest nuclear power plants in the country, specifically for implementation of the new model at its facilities. "Our decision to support the new partnership with RSS will create a win-win situation and continue to improve and sustain security performance," said Tim Bowman , General Manager of Oversight for South Texas Projects.

"We are taking this step to ensure readiness is part of the cultural and technological fabric of a high security facility. The complexity of safeguarding high security facilities continues to change dramatically," Wilson said. "To adapt to that change and always ensure high quality service, security providers must change the way they view and deliver their services."

According to Wilson, key components of the RSS business model will include: measurement of service against outcome-based criteria; emphasis of a 'continuous quality improvement culture' through technology, professional training and leadership development and total departmental integration with mutual planning and accountability between clients and providers.

"Success will be defined by a strong culture and new technologies," Wilson said. "Our investments will follow these priorities so that security personnel are appropriately trained and technologically equipped to meet and exceed security expectations at high security facilities."

A highly-respected expert in nuclear and related industries, Wilson joined The Wackenhut Corporation as Vice President of Special Operations in 2004 and designed, developed, and implemented the current Composite Adversary Force (CAF) program utilized today to conduct simulated but realistic attacks on U.S. critical infrastructure facilities.

Wilson later became Vice President of Operations and, as of a year ago, held the position of President of the nuclear division, where he developed the strategic direction of the division and has commenced the implementation of the new RSS model.

Prior to joining Wackenhut, Wilson owned his own company and provided international consulting to critical infrastructure and high risk customers. Wilson also comes from a military special operations background having served in both the 75th Ranger Regiment and U.S. Army Special Forces.

"We intend to invest considerably in this new way of doing business because we believe it is the model of the future," Wilson said. "We believe strongly that this decision will not only provide higher quality service but also allow for necessary innovation and save costs in the long run. If we do not acquire clients in the short-term, that's a cost we are willing to assume. For us, this is a question of leadership."

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A G4S company, Regulated Security Solutions (RSS) is a supplier of total security solutions within the regulated security services arena which includes chemical and petroleum facilities, ports, and the commercial nuclear power industry.

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