Airship Industries to Introduce the First End-to-End Video Surveillance Platform at World Game Protection Conference

BELLEVUE, Wa., Feb. 9 /PRNewswire/ -- Surveillance managers and Integrators who work with casinos, transit, educational facilities, shopping malls and other enterprises with critical security needs have been watching many exciting technologies become available from a number of providers over the last few years. The trouble is, these technologies have not been able to work well together to create a seamless, flexible, efficient surveillance environment. Airship Industries, a firm in Bellevue, WA is addressing this urgent unmet need with the 2008 introduction the Airship Comprehensive Enterprise Video System at World Game Protection conference in Las Vegas on February 19 and 20.

The Airship Comprehensive Enterprise Video System builds on Airship's core digital video recording, which offers the highest quality analog or network (IP) camera images stored with the smallest footprint at the best price per channel available today.

Airship's Comprehensive Enterprise Video System provides virtually infinite scalability of recording and flexible, customizable display capabilities. It also includes management of users, cameras, and DVR settings from a single console. A system Health Monitor automatically scans the network and sends warnings when any equipment falls below optimal levels of operation or shows signs of possible impending failure. The system also includes IP camera support, specialized keyboard integration, a custom integrated POS-video client, and an automatic backup-server system that ensures no data is lost in case of failure.

The system will expand to include an advanced incident reporting module, an archive server, and integration with many video analytics packages in Q3 of this year. The unique architecture of Airship's system means a stable system capable of being integrated with virtually any 3rd-party or data system that customers select from the growing number of market-specific offerings becoming available to them.

"For years users have been crying out for easier, simpler, more integrated and efficient technologies to collect and manage a proliferation of data," says Victor Huang , Airship's CEO. "Airship is now able to offer a stable, next-generation system that puts powerful new capabilities like video analytics around a core of high-performance, no-compromises recording," Huang concludes.

Doug Overstreet , VP of Sales at Airship, invites Integrators and Surveillance Managers to visit the company's booth at World Game Protection (WGP) February 19 and 20 in Las Vegas . "We have the most powerful capabilities but everyone makes that claim. We want people to see how much better we meet their modern-day needs by getting their hands on the system itself."

About Airship

Airship Industries, located in Bellevue, WA on Seattle's Eastside, is a software development house with expertise in systems design and hardware compression. Since 2003, Airship hardware and software has been successfully deployed under industry-giant OEM brand names in enterprise environments from museums to casinos.

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