Louisiana Voters Just Can't Trust McCain's Double-Talk, Says Democratic National Committee

WASHINGTON, Feb. 8 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Ahead of tomorrow's electoral contest in Louisiana, John McCain recently said that "one of the adverse effects of the government's botched early response to Hurricane Katrina...is that Americans are more...

2005: McCain Voted Against Granting Access To Medicaid For Hurricane Katrina Victims For Up To Five Months. In 2005, McCain voted against the Lincoln amendment that would grant access to Medicaid to Hurricane Katrina victims for up to five months; it also provided full federal funding for Medicaid in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama for up to one year; provide $800 million to compensate providers caring for Katrina evacuees; it temporarily suspended the Medicare Part B late enrollment penalty; and permit states hit by or serving evacuees to access the TANF Contingency Fund. It would be offset with funds unspent by the FEMA. [S 1932, Vote 285, 11/3/05, Failed 48-51, D:43-0, R:4-51, I:1-0]

2005: McCain Voted Against Establishing A Congressional Commission To Examine The Federal, State And Local Response To Hurricane Katrina. In 2005, McCain voted against the Clinton amendment to establish a congressional commission to examine the Federal, State, and local response to the devastation wrought by Hurricane Katrina in the Gulf Region of the United States especially in the States of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and other areas impacted in the aftermath and make immediate corrective measures to improve such responses in the future. [HR 2862, Vote 229, 9/14/05, Failed 44-54, D:43-0, R:0-54, I:1-0]

1995: McCain Voted Against Allowing A Simple Majority To Waive The Budget Requirement For Natural Disaster Emergency Relief. In 1995, McCain voted to table an amendment that allows a simple majority to waive the Balanced-Budget requirement for emergency relief from natural disasters. [S 1, Vote 66, 2/14/95, 70-28, D 17-28; R 53-0]


2007: McCain Bragged About His Opposition To A National Catastrophic Insurance Fund. In his speech to CPAC, McCain highlighted his opposition to the national insurance fund, bragging, " I campaigned in Florida against the national catastrophic insurance fund bill that passed the House of Representatives..." [John McCain CPAC Remarks As Prepared For Delivery, 2/7/08]

2007: McCain Uncommitted to Insurance Fund. In a campaign event in Florida, McCain said, "If people are going to build homes where hurricanes hit, they have to assume a great part of that liability. We don't have that many hurricanes that hit Arizona, as you know. We need to all work together and see if the present unacceptable situation can be remedied, and if that requires some federal action, I'm for it - but not just insuring anybody for any circumstance. I'm not going to do that. I would not support such a thing." [ St. Petersburg Times, 9/2/07]


2001: McCain Voted to Phase-Out the Sugar Program, Eliminate Price Supports for Sugar. McCain voted against the Reid motion to table (kill) the Gregg amendment. The Gregg amendment would phase-out the sugar program in the substitute amendment and require the Agriculture secretary to eliminate the price support loan for sugar and lower the loan rate for beet and cane sugar crops harvested each year between 2003 through 2005 in a way that would uniformly lower the loan rate to zero for the 2006 crops. The substitute would reauthorize federal agriculture programs for five years, including a dairy provision that would authorize $2 billion in direct federal subsidies to milk producers. [S. 1731, S.V. 364, 12/12/01, passed 71-29]