Louisiana Voters Just Can't Trust McCain's Double-Talk, Says Democratic National Committee

WASHINGTON, Feb. 8 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Ahead of tomorrow's electoral contest in Louisiana, John McCain recently said that "one of the adverse effects of the government's botched early response to Hurricane Katrina...is that Americans are more...

2001: McCain Wanted To Let Vietnamese Catfish Flood Domestic Market. "The familiar whiskers of the catfish have made their way to the floor of the Senate amid a dispute with Vietnam, once a nemesis of the United States but now among its newest trading partners. With little debate, Congress has decreed that only catfish belonging to a biological genus native to North America be allowed such a label, effectively shutting Vietnamese fish out of the U.S. market only weeks after the two countries signed their first trade agreement..[McCain] is fighting to let the Vietnamese catfish take its place on American tables..[McCain] tried to pass an amendment to another bill that would have knocked the rule off the books. Mr. McCain , exasperated but still fighting, delved deeply into animal taxonomy during the debate to prove his point: Catfish is catfish. Domestic producers, under the cover of science, are seeking an unjustified favor from the government, he insisted. 'The catfish lobby's advertising campaign on behalf of its protectionist agenda has few facts to rely on to support its case,' Mr. McCain said, 'so it stands on scurrilous fear-mongering to make its claim that catfish raised in good old Mississippi mud are the only fish with whiskers safe to eat.'" [Washington Times, 12/28/01]

2000: McCain Again Tried to Block the Sugar Program. McCain voted against the Cochran motion to table (kill) the McCain amendment that would prohibit the use of any funds by the Agriculture Department to implement the sugar program. [H.R. 4461, S.V. 219, 7/20/00, passed 65-32]

1999: McCain Sponsored an Amendment to Eliminate Sugar Subsidies. McCain sponsored a motion to waive the Budget Act with respect to the Reed point of order against the McCain amendment. The amendment would authorize approximately $1.8 billion a year for three years to establish a pilot school voucher program, paid for by eliminating certain subsidies for ethanol, oil, gas and sugar. [S. 1429. S.V. 238, 7/30/99, failed 13-87]

1999: McCain Sponsored an Amendment to Block the Sugar Program. McCain voted against the Cochran motion to table (kill) the McCain amendment to the Daschle amendment. The McCain amendment would prohibit the Agriculture Department from using funds in the bill for the sugar program, which provides loans, import restrictions and price-supports for the industry. [S. 1233, S.V. 254, 8/4/99, passed 66-33]

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