The security week that was: 02/01/08

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The TSA has recently launched a blog (see article for link to blog) designed to allow the back and forth between air security enforcers and air travel security users (all of our fellow citizens). I call it a marketing ploy, and if you ask me, this blog really isn't much of a blog at all, as much as it's just an online complaint tool. Case in point: At last count, some 50 comments had been received solely on the topic of "Did you have to take your shoes off in Ohio but not Colorado?" We can complain all we want about security inconsistencies, and I think it's good that a security agency accepts feedback. However, with over 700 comments (most are complaints) received in the first two days, I predict that they'll be numbed to the comments within the week.

Some excerpted blog comments to bide your time:
- "I've been asked to take off my Flip Flops. Please explain what I could possibly hide in those."
- "Any qualified chemist must have had an attack of hysterics at the idea of someone manufacturing triacetone triperoxide (TATP) while on a commercial plane!"
-"Excellent idea, providing you actually make use of this blog as something other than a propaganda organ."
-"If our nation & government can trust me to carry the President's vehicles, fly monthly into hostile territories and keep classified information to myself... do you think I can STOP getting secondary screening?"
-"The San Francisco private group finds 80% more fake bombs and such upon screening than almost ANY of the other cities w/ public run TSA Orgs."

OK, I'm out of space, so if you want more news on what happened this week in security, you can go to our SecurityInfoWatch homepage. Before you go, take a look at the most read stories of the week: