INPUT Predicts Technology Impacts Of State of the Union Address

RESTON, Va., Jan. 30 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Technology contractors should not expect major spending shifts this year following the President's State of the Union address, according to a newly released report by INPUT, the authority on government business. The report, State of the Union: Between Unfinished Business and Status Quo, said that while President Bush is not content to be a spectator in his final year in office, he will face challenges convincing Congress of new initiatives, especially during a heated election contest.

"The President's agenda did not shift significantly, and he announced few new spending initiatives or programs," said Melissa Smith , director, IEP research for INPUT. "But agency missions will of course have to continue, even in a year of political transition and slowed spending. Technology contractors should look to apolitical programs, like infrastructure or telecomm, as the focus of this year's strategy."

In the report, a panel of INPUT analysts dissected the President's Address and the rebuttal for evidence of areas that may see spending changes in the coming year. Among impacts identified in the report are: ultimate passage of the nearly $200 billion supplemental funding request for the Global War on Terror; improved veterans benefits administration, continued homeland security focus on advanced technologies; increasing scope of information security; and gradually increasing importance of Green IT at the federal level.

"Little that was said offered much surprise for anyone," said Richard Colven, vice president, executive programs. "The most interesting thing to come out of the address may have been President Bush 's promises to check earmarks and other wasteful spending," he added. "While he faces a battle to make his tax cuts permanent, he seems more than willing to use unilateral channels such as the veto and a proposed Executive Order to prohibit spending of some earmark dollars. This shows a willingness to remain active and push his agenda any way he can."

INPUT's State of the Union: Between Unfinished Business and Status Quo INPUT/Output(R) report is available on INPUT's website at


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