Granting Rebates to Illegal Aliens is Unfair and Won't Help U.S. Economy, Warns FAIR

WASHINGTON, Jan. 30 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The inclusion of illegal aliens in a tax rebate package approved by the House of Representatives is unfair to law-abiding Americans and will likely result in billions more dollars leaving the U.S. economy, warns the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR). Under the legislation passed by the House, illegal aliens would unfairly be rewarded with the same benefits as citizens and legal residents. Moreover, with an estimated $50 billion already leaving the U.S. each year in the form of remittances sent abroad, much of the rebates given to illegal aliens is likely to find its way into the economies of other countries.

In order to ensure that only citizens and legal residents benefit from rebates, FAIR is urging Congress to require the IRS to ensure that Social Security numbers and individual taxpayer identification numbers used to issue the checks are valid and match the taxpayer names. No rebates should be issued to filers using invalid Social Security numbers, or whose numbers do not match information in the database.

"Americans all across the country are hurting as a result of the worsening economic situation. People are losing their jobs, the value of the homes is plummeting, and the purpose of the tax rebate is to get people spending money in their own communities," noted Dan Stein , president of FAIR. "Without taking action to ensure recipients are legally present in the U.S., issuing these checks would reward lawbreakers while creating more debt for law-abiding citizens. Not only is this inherently unfair, much of the money given to illegal aliens will not be spent here boosting our economy."

FAIR has consistently opposed granting non-emergency government services and benefits to people who are illegally in the country. "If the government is going to go deeper into debt to try to get the economy moving, there is an obligation to make sure that it goes to help honest, law-abiding Americans and that scarce resources are not used to benefit people who break our laws. There is also a compelling economic interest in making sure that the money is spent and invested in the United States," concluded Stein.

SOURCE Federation for American Immigration Reform