South Carolina Leaders Offer Bipartisan Challenge to Presidential Candidates to Strengthen U.S. Global Leadership

Former Top Military Brass Join Leaders to Speak at Impact '08 in South Carolina Launch as Senior Surrogates Debate Their Candidates' Readiness to Lead COLUMBIA, S.C., Jan. 17 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Former top military leaders Admiral...

Dr. Hildy Teegan , Dean of the Moore School at the University of South Carolina, said: "South Carolinians, like all Americans, recognize the importance of creating opportunities for our poorest citizens to improve their situation wherever in the world they reside. Thoughtful and effective international development efforts that include harnessing the power of the public and private sectors to provide the means for building infrastructure, fighting disease, and stabilizing governments are critical for our successful engagement around the world."

They joined with a growing campaign of leaders in other early voting states and nationally who are calling on the Presidential candidates to chart a new path for America's role in the world, with greater investments in global development, health and diplomacy viewed as essential to promote America's national security, economic prosperity, and moral leadership.

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SOURCE Center for U.S. Global Engagement