Converting Corporate Data Into a Single-Badge Solution

As companies expand through financial growth, acquisitions and mergers, they often add facilities in other locations to enhance their market position. Because our business environment is expanding beyond the United States into the global market, new...

After upper management promises its support, the team must present the roadmap to the business group management, and then to site management. To be successful, each group must make the adjustments necessary to bring their site into compliance. The team must continue to meet and verify the goals are being accomplished and the deadlines are being met at every site. This requires communication with the sites, travel to sites, and administrative support to keep up with the details. One way to aid the transition is by using the company-wide newsletter to keep employees informed about the progress. Seeing the conversion through to the completion requires the support of upper management as well as the employees. To gain this support requires selling the concept to everyone.

Robert Pearson, PE, is a registered professional engineer and manager of electronic security systems for Raytheon Co.