Physical Security: Locking Technology at ASIS 2004

Every convention begins with a quiet anticipation and the hope that there will be new products to see and write about. This 50th anniversary, 2004 ASIS show is no exception and many companies came with new products and ideas.

As a representative of Locksmith Ledger magazine, I was initially interested in booths showing products for physical security. Companies such as Arrow, Abloy, Assa, Corbin Russwin, Intellikey and Yale each had interesting exhibits, but very little of the physical locking industry was really brand new.

The real hits of the show in the first day were the many electronic security exhibits. Joey Dalessio at the Cansec Systems booth demonstrated two new fingerprint readers which should be easily accepted by the locksmith community. One of the units can be quickly programmed using a small hand-held device. With this fingerprint reader plus an electric strike, any door becomes a secure barrier against unauthorized entry.

Many companies displayed wireless security systems which can be readily installed. JVC showed a new wireless CCTV system. Up to 10 cameras can be serviced by one reader unit. Security, ease of installation and low cost are key features.

This reporter also sat in on two of the dozens of free seminars presented on Monday. One was an update on changes at the FBI and the other was "Going Mobile with Wireless". Both speakers were well-versed on their subjects. While the FBI report was interesting, there was little information usable for locksmiths. The mobile wireless seminar covered many of the changes now going on with LAN and WAN technology. Creative new products are continually emerging with no end in sight. Wireless is the buzzword that access control installers and locksmiths must have to add to their vocabulary.