The Integrated Life: The IT Vortex

Lessons learned on the information superhighway: What integrators need to know about working with IT staff

Lesson Ten: Splitting the pie. Often a customer, working within their IT policies, will provide the computer server, operating system and database for a security project with the security integrator responsible for providing and configuring the application software. The IT departments' database administrator is tasked with doing periodic backups and general housekeeping. When something goes wrong, who gets the first call? Like networking issues, someone is needed who knows enough about both sides to decide. Too often it requires both parties to coordinate a site visit. You guessed it... the language spoken needs to be database administrator.

About the Author: Jim Coleman is president of Operational Security Systems in Atlanta, Ga., and can be reached at Jim is the 2004-2005 president of SecurityNet, a national affiliation of independent security integrators. He welcomes your comments on his articles and hopes that you will share your own integration lessons. His column will appear monthly with's Security Markets & Systems eNewsletter.