The Future for Facial Biometrics: Mainstream by 2006?

A Q&A with Jonathan Forrester of Systems Integrator and Biometrics System Developer AWT Inc.

A: In today's society we are constantly subjected to monitoring. Wherever you turn, your image is being taken and stored somewhere. Digital cameras in cell phones can take a digital picture or video of you -- virtually anywhere and by anyone. In addition to cell phones, credit cards, ATMs and even your computer will leave a "shadow trail" of where you have been, when you were there, what you're looking at, what you have been buying and whom you've been calling. Privacy must be considered with any type of personal identification database. Who has access to the database and how the information will ultimately be used must be addressed by individual security policies. Facial biometrics is merely a tool -- the "human factor" in the misuse of this information should be the privacy concern -- not the tool itself.

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